EN50KSR - special QSL (photo) and history  starting of  Rivne speedway

EN50KSR - special QSL (photo) and history starting of Rivne speedway

On the 24th of May,1959 the first speedway competitions took plase in Rivne,and this data is considered to be the official birthday of mototrack and speedway in our city.Many local racers improved their racing skils at the first USSR mototrack located in the city of Rivne during a good number of years.They were included as Victor Trofimov, Grygoriy Khlynovs'kyi,Ivan Khorvat,Borys Gorka, Borys Fidrus,Volodymyr Yezhombik, Volodymyr Kozakov, Anatoliy Zhabchyk, Volodymyr Tobiash, Petro Brytsyuk, Oleksander Borodaj and many other famous motoracers. In honour of this event activisation of the special signal EN50KSR was held by Rivne youth radio club.
P.S. Bill Kithen G4CEZ (1908-1994) speedway rider-HAM from UK was World Champion of speedway (1956)

Information support: "RIVNE DX CLUB" UT1KWA, Ukrainian radio server, Rivne regional TSOU, Sport commentator Vyacheslav Kryzhanivsky.

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